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Driptips of natural stones are extremely beautiful and original!

Each is made by hand, is unique and unrepeatable!

Ancient mysterious minerals, by nature, hit the color brightness and beauty of the pattern. Many attribute the magical gems, healing and protective properties.

Stones are hard as steel, and they are not only pleasing to look, but also for the lips, they like candy and smooth even look tasty!

Stones perfectly cooled steam are themselves almost no heat. They do not interact with anything, is completely neutral, does not melt, does not emit anything, does not freeze in winter to his lips.

They do not fade and are not covered with deep scratches, will not crack and does not leave traces of the teeth.

They will decorate any atom and will attract the attention of others, and you are on any day and in any weather will be able to enjoy their timeless beauty!

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Driptip "Rock Garden" Stone: jasper ocean Color: Ivory with concentric circles, the light gently s..
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